Art Display Featuring the Work of Kathy Braun

A native of Cincinnati, Kathy Braun was raised in New York City on the lower east side. After a career as an actress, she moved to New Mexico where she pursued a degree in architecture. Kathy is a Registered Architect, and received her Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from the University of New Mexico School of Architecture & Planning. She later returned to New York and now lives in Dutchess County with her husband and two dogs (a Labrador retriever and a German shorthaired pointer). Kathy has her own architecture practice which concentrates on residential work. She works primarily with pastel, watercolor, graphite pencil, oil and photography. She is inspired by forgotten and discarded objects and buildings, the rich diversity of the southwest and northeast, and the simple things in life. Currently, Kathy is concentrating on painting pastel portraits. She has developed her own unique way of painting with pastel dust, and creates portraits having an incredible sense of depth and softness by using brushwork only.

Artist ~ Architect          
Facebook: @KathyLBraunartist
Instagram: justdrawinglines

Images of artwork in this virtual display are the sole property of the artist and should not be replicated or distributed.

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